Coronavirus —

The 4 phases of the de-escalation contemplate a progressive recovery of social life. After months locked up at home, we can regain some contacts as long as some requirements are met. As the provinces progress through these phases, people are allowed to be together in one place, if phase 1 has already allowed 10 people, in this phase 2 this figure is expanded to 15. These meetings with friends and family will not be totally like before, they will have some peculiarities that we should not overlook.

In phase 2 up to 15 people may meet with conditions

50% of the country will enter phase 2 this Monday, May 25. With a new phase in mind, some important measures are beginning to relax, to continue a lack of confinement that can become total in just a few weeks. The new normality adapts to conditions that will remain with us for a long time.

The first of these will be the arrival of an increase in the number of people in the meetings. A dinner at home or a business meeting, can have a maximum of 15 people, except for people who live together. In this way social life returns to its course, although with important requirements. It is recommended that among these people there are none that are part of risk groups.

Further, the necessary security measures must be kept. Outdoors or on a terrace we will be more protected. Inside the house, you must keep your distance, in addition to properly disinfecting the place, opening windows and cleaning objects to avoid possible contagion. Some visits or meetings that will be different from before, even without hugs or handshakes, but they will be the first of a much-needed physical and mental de-escalation.