Covid-19 in Belgium: 111 cases of the English variant in a retirement home, 3 deaths to be deplored – .

In a retirement home in Houthulst, western Belgium, more than a hundred people have tested positive for the British variant of Covid-19.

Vaccination delayed in this retirement home

The burgomaster (mayor) of the municipality of Houthulst in Belgium, Joris Hindryckx, revealed that 111 people have tested positive for vAriant in English in a retirement house. Three deaths linked to this variant are to be deplored. Before this mass contamination, the establishment was closed to visitors. It is also stated that the coronavirus vaccination in this retirement home was delayed due to the large number of sick people.

J. Hindryckx revealed that it is highly probable that the origin of the cluster of British variant or indirect given that no known person has stayed at the United Kingdom recently. The elected representative also wished to recall the ban in his commune of “all social and sporting activities”.

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The municipality of Houthulst “must be fully locked down”

Cited by the newspaper Le Soir, epidemiologist Yves Coppieters suggested that the municipality of Houthulst “must be fully locked down and we must test everyone there.”

Yves Van Laethem, a spokesperson for the Belgian health authorities, said last Friday that “several dozen (of cases) of English variants, several South African variants “ were detected in the country, and that “other variants are likely to appear “.

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