Covid-19 in Germany: schools reopen despite fear of a third wave – .

The risk of a third wave of the coronavirus epidemic is intensifying in Germany, especially with the spread of the British variant. But despite this situation, the children returned to school on Monday February 22.

“The new variants continue to develop”

The spread of the British variant of coronavirus complicates the situation by Germany. Despite the drastic restrictions, the country is struggling to stem theepidemic. According to Karl Lauterbach, health expert in the Social Democratic Party, the measures taken are “strong enough against the original virus, but the new variants continue to develop”. He believes that the country is now “at the start of a third wave”.

Gradual return to classes

Even if he’Covid-19 epidemic do not fade into Germany, schools and daycares reopened in much of the country on Monday February 22, after two months of closure. Children had already resumed classes in other regions (Länder, Lower Saxony and Saxony) last week, reports France 24.

“Children, especially younger ones, need each other”

The courses had often only been held remotely for several weeks. Education Minister Anja Karliczek told the agency DPA that this gradual return to school is a good thing for the children, because it is important for them. “Children, especially younger ones, need each other”, according to him. Obviously, this recovery is done in compliance with hygiene measures against coronavirus.

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