Covid-19 in Japan: researchers isolate a variant from Brazil to better analyze it – .

Japanese scientists have decided to isolate a variant of the coronavirus from Brazil to better study it.

Result of an evolution “from a viral line from Brazil”

A third variant of the coronavirus was recently detected in Japan. This is a variant that was identified in four people landing in the archipelago from the Brazil. Japanese authorities revealed, Tuesday, January 12, that local researchers plan to isolate this SARS-CoV-2 variant to analyze it.

The Brazilian researcher, Felipe Naveca, who collaborates on this variant with the Japanese institute Fiocruz, indicated that said variant is the result of an evolution “from a viral line of Brazil, which circulates in the Amazon. The scientist also added that this variant, on a provisional basis, is called B.1.1.28 (K417N / E484K / N501Y).

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“The mutation detected in the B.1.1.28 variant is a recent phenomenon”

For its part, the Fiocruz institute communicated that: “The results suggest that the mutation detected in the variant B.1.1.28 is a recent phenomenon, probably occurring between December 2020 and January 2021 “, report Le Figaro.

For its part, the Japanese Ministry of Health confided to theFrance Media Agency that in order to further analyze the variant, it must first be isolated. It is also indicated that: “It could take between several weeks and several months (…) so it is difficult at the moment to say when we will be able to give details”.

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