Covid-19 in Singapore: birth of a baby carrying antibodies against the virus – .

A baby with antibodies to the coronavirus was born in Singapore. This is a phenomenon still unknown to all scientists.

A mother positive for coronavirus

Céline Ng-Chan (31) gave birth on November 7 at the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore, to a baby who weighed 3.5 kg at birth, reports the Singaporean daily
Last March, this mother, pregnant at the time, returned from a trip to Europe. On his return to Singapore, the 30-something has tested positive for coronavirus, but she wasn’t too worried about the baby knowing that contamination is impossible between a mother and her unborn baby.

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A baby carrying antibodies

It should be noted, however, that scientists also do not know much about not only the risks, but also the methods of transmission of the coronavirus from mother to child. At birth, Céline Ng-Chan’s baby was not virus carrier, he was rather the bearer of anti-coronavirus antibody.

The Singaporean woman explained that her pediatrician told her that the antibodies she had developed against Covid-19 have disappeared, but Aldrin [le nouveau-né] has some, reports the newspaper The Parisian. She then added: “My doctor assumes I transferred my antibodies to him during pregnancy”. This scenario constitutes a very interesting case for science and an avenue to be exploited for scientists.

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