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The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, He has launched another lie this Saturday to justify his pact with the proetarras of EH Bildu in the vote for the fifth extension of the state of alarm last Wednesday. In his usual appearance in Moncloa, he has gone so far as to say that “the Government did not have a guaranteed majority in that vote” when asked expressly about the controversial agreement signed by PSOE, Podemos and Bildu on the “full” repeal of the labor reform driven by the PP.

It so happens that with the favorable vote of the PNV and Citizens, the Executive of PSOE and Podemos did not need the abstention of the pro-members of Bildu to carry out his fifth extension of the state of alarm until next June 7. However, the socialists came to sign with the political brand of the heirs of ETA a commitment to repeal the labor reform.

“The Government did not have a majority guaranteed in that vote. If we had not had the approval, tomorrow any resident of Madrid could take their car and go to Murcia. We need to guarantee a restriction of mobility ”, Sánchez pointed out, insisting that the state of alarm is the“ only constitutional figure ”for this purpose, despite the existence of other alternatives, as the opposition defends.

A sixth extension

In addition, Sánchez, who has not ruled out requesting the Chamber for a sixth extension of the state of alarm, which would be applied by territory, has admitted that he agreed with Bildu to repeal the PP labor reform despite the fact that this issue did not have “Nothing to do with public health”.

Here, Sánchez, following the socialist argument of the last few hours, has blamed the PP for its pact with the proetarras and has described as “an unusual fact that the second party with the most seats voted and put the health security of the Spanish at risk.” “That position makes spigot open in the conversation with other debates that have nothing to do with public health: commitments of the legislature, investiture, financing, repeal of laws … all of this could have been avoided with the vote in favor or the abstention of the Popular Party “, he has declared the chief executive.