Coronavirus —

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s office said plans for Phase 2 to reopen the economy in the state will be announced next Tuesday and noted a tentative date for the reopening of casinos.

The preliminary reopening date for the betting industry will be June 4. However, whether this is so will depend on the plan that casino and hotel owners will present to the state with the modifications in their establishments to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board will have an informational workshop where an update will be given regarding the response of hotels and casinos to COVID-19. It was announced that all properties will have to give the council a plan seven days before it reopens.

Makes two
weeks the governor had announced the start of Phase 1 with the reopening
of various businesses throughout the state, and thanks to the development of
coronavirus in recent days, Sisolak revealed that the state is ready to
the next phase if things stay the same over the holiday weekend.

reopening will take place with measures to avoid the crowding of people in the
casinos, but the details, details that will have to be included in the plans
reopening of properties throughout Nevada.