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There are 11 days left to play in LaLiga, after the break on March 8 (J27) due to the rapid expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country. Today, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that professional competitions can be held again from June 8, when, predictably, the entire country will be in phase 3 of the de-escalation.

LaLiga’s forecast is that football will return on June 9 with the resumption of Rayo Vallecano-Albacete, suspended on December 15 for insults to the Ukrainian Zozulya, and that from Friday the 12th the League will be played in the First and Second divisions.

When would LaLiga end?

As Diario AS published on May 17, LaLiga contemplates that there be games every day of the week, also on Mondays, with a margin of 72 hours for each team. There would be matches from 6 pm in the least hot areas of the country and until 11 pm in the warmest territories.

If the resumption of the First competition is set on June 12, a date that is not yet official, there would be seven weekends and eleven days pending. That is to say, it would be necessary to play four days during the week.

One possibility, following the model is the Bundesliga, is leave a week away after restart, between day 28 (the first) and 29 (the second) to promote acclimatization; and another ‘week off’ before the last day, when more strength will be scarce. So LaLiga could be closed on the weekend of 25-26.

European competitions would not interfere with this plan, since an express final of the Champions League will be designed from August 2, whose last match would be played on August 29 in Istanbul, provided that the planned schedule is met and the pandemic does not. impede.

LaLiga schedule

When would LaLiga Smartbank end?

The competition in Second stopped when it had played 31 days, so there are also 11 days, as in First. In this case, the playoff phase promotion, so the times will be longer than in Primera and could even be played in August.

If played two days a week, the regular league would end the weekend of 18-19 July and from there the playoffs, semifinals and final double match would be played. Or if the proposed ’breaks’ are established, it would also go to July 25-26 and the promotion playoffs were expected to end in August. Approximate dates would be: July 29 and August 2, the semifinals; and on August 5 and 9, the final.

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