Coronavirus —

About 1,200 vehicles, as reported by the Government Delegation in Aragon, have joined this Saturday, May 23, in Zaragoza the ‘Caravan for Spain and its freedom’ called by Vox to protest against the management of the Government of Pedro Sánchez of the COVID-19 crisis.

The march, which was requested to go by vehicle and with Spanish flags, started at 12.00 on Avenida Ciudad de Soria and went through the Plaza de la Ciudadanía towards Paseo María Agustín to continue towards Plaza Basilio Paraíso and get to the Paseo Constitución, from where the Paseo Pamplona has returned to the Plaza Basilio Paraíso, and has ended at Puerta del Carmen.

The occupants of the participating cars and motorcycles have circulated through the center of the Aragonese capital asking for “freedom” and the resignation of the entire Spanish Executive, while honking their horns.

These marches have been repeated in most provincial capitals across the country. Specifically, in Teruel more than 110 vehicles have participated and in Huesca some 130 cars and motorcycles have joined the protest.

In addition, despite the fact that from the Delegation they have assured that there have been no incidents in the protest, several dozen people have come to the point where the tour ended to criticize the concentration and praise the role of Public Health during the pandemic.

The head of Vox in Zaragoza, Santiago Morón, has indicated in statements to the media that the call was a call “to all Spaniards” and “not only to Vox voters” to demonstrate against the government’s management of the pandemic.

“Under all the points we understand that it has failed, it is a crisis that has overwhelmed them and a government that is not prepared to face the situation,” Morón criticized.

In his opinion, in addition to the fact that “there are almost a million workers who have not received a single euro for more than two months”, “many of the fundamental rights of Spaniards have been questioned” and even ” They have suspended.

“Abuse” of the alarm state

In this sense, the person in charge of the formation has maintained that “the state of alarm has been abused” to the point that the party speaks of “a hidden state of emergency”.

“The Sánchez government has wanted to mislead that in order to maintain sanitary measures it is necessary to maintain a state of alarm. Not at all, there are a series of laws through which you can take sanitary and national security measures, “he said.

Morón has asserted that the President of Spain “has taken advantage” of this state of alarm to “legislate” and “prop up the power of the extreme left within the Government”, as well as to reach agreements with “separatist groups”, referring to the repeal of the labor reform agreed with EH Bildu.

For this reason, he pointed out that the caravan “is not only a request for resignation” from the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, but also a request to “rebuild what is as deteriorated” as the country is after the coronavirus pandemic.

For this, according to Vox, the central executive must “give way to another government of reconstruction and emergency.” Otherwise, the country would fall “in a situation of total ruin and international discredit.”

The party leader has considered that “it is time to move to the freedom phase” and to “recover and shore up” the fundamental rights lost in recent weeks, which should serve as the basis for discussing economic, social and health measures. “If we do not shore up the main thing, we are destined for a crisis of an unpredictable course,” he warned.

Also, the leader of Vox in Zaragoza stressed that “for there to be dialogue” between political leaders, “trust is essential.” This situation would later lead to economic and social reconstruction. “If the main thing fails we cannot talk about union or dialogue tables, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“We feared that the Government was not acting with loyalty, that is why we have risen from some of the so-called reconstruction tables, but the fact is that the other day it was the employers’ union, it may become unions or other parties,” he warned. .