Coronavirus —

New York tops the list of US states with 671 deaths of compatriots; 7 more dead scattered in various countries of the world.

At least 1,336 Mexicans living in the United States, most of them in New York, have died from Covid-19, reported the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE).

According to data provided by the Foreign Ministry, New York tops the list with 671 deaths of compatriots in the neighboring northern country, followed by the states of California with 103 and Illinois with 73.

Of the 50 states that make up the American Union, only Alabama, Idaho, South Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Ohio do not report deaths of compatriots from this infection.

Colorado, New Jersey, and Wisconsin accumulate 60 records of Mexicans killed by the new coronavirus.

In this country, the rate of Mexicans suffering from Covid-19 reached 369, with New York -with 101 cases- the state that houses more compatriots with this condition followed by Texas and California with 86 and 42 cases, respectively.

“The Government of Mexico deeply regrets and that they have been reported by our consular network in the United States.”

In the rest of the world, around 88 Mexicans are infected of the coronavirus being Canada and Chile, the countries with the most infected nationals, Foreign Relations abounded.

According to data collected by the Chancellery, until May 22, in Canada 67 Mexicans were reported with the infection and Chile with seven; 3 Mexicans have been registered in Panama; in Kenya, one; in Italy two and in Ireland one.

Peru and Portugal accumulate two cases; Dominican Republic, two; while in Switzerland and Thailand they accumulate two more.

Seven Mexicans have died in various countries of the world; in Peru, two; in Colombia, one; three in Spain and one more in France, Mexican authorities detailed. (Notimex)