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Players are inclined to ‘no’. The news, which had been coming forward in recent days, has been made official at a meeting between the Euroleague and some of the basketball players of the main European teams, who have communicated (mostly), to the continental competition, who do not want the tournament to resume. As stated by Varlas Nikos, a journalist for Eurohoops, the meeting has had a cordial tone and has been uneventful, with a “great majority” against restarting the maximum European competition at club level.

Once the opinion of the players has been expressed, we will have to wait until Monday to know the final decision. The eleven licensed clubs will vote for it (Madrid, Barça and Baskonia, among them), summoned to a telematic executive meeting of shareholders. A simple majority is enough (six teams). The executive director, Jordi Bertomeu, only has the power to intervene with his casting vote in the event of a tie, which would only occur if there are abstentions. Then, the Assembly, where the other seven teams do participate (18 this year), should ratify the decision.

Recall that the Euroleague will present the clubs with the protocol of action, all possible scenarios, the pros and cons of resuming the campaign and, also, the venue with two pavilions that would host games without an audience. Cities from up to ten different countries have expressed interest in hosting the outcome. Belgrade has been very active, but the Lithuanian option is also on the table (Kaunas and Vilnius, separated by just 100 kilometers, which would function as the sole headquarters), Athens, Thessaloniki, Ljubljana, Berlin and Cologne, which was where she was going to dispute the Final Four, although it only has one flag. There are several clubs that have shared their reluctance to return this course and, he did not seem to have a slight advantage, ratified after the players’ meeting with the continental competition.

The dates, even with a small margin of maneuver, would include from July 4 (possible conflict with the ACB) to 26. And the remaining six days of the regular phase (54 games) would be played, something key to ensure television income but at the same time compromises the return, since it forces the mobilization of 18 teams from 10 different countries in the midst of a health crisis. The first eight would play the title in a Final Eight, such as in a Copa del Rey, quarterfinals, semifinals and a single duel final.