Coronavirus —

The requested report must include the resources assigned, the management of personnel within the hospitals of Nuevo León, and their capacities.

The Congress of Nuevo León asked the Social Security delegation on Friday to clarify the conditions and the reason why nurses were sent to Mexico City, when the entity also suffers from this pandemic.

The president of the local Legislative Branch, Juan Carlos Ruiz García, commented that the request was delivered to the IMSS delegate at the entity, Karla Guadalupe López, to explain these two issues that can be perceived as irregular.

“That they give us information on the elements that were taken into account for that decision, if the personnel needs to send to other parties are covered, if they went voluntarily, because I would not want to think that this was not the case,” he said.

“As a legislator and citizen representative, I am concerned about this situation and that is why I ask you to support us, the State Congress, with a detailed report, to know how the delegation in your charge is facing this pandemic,” he added.

In this report, the legislator said, it should include the resources assigned, the management of personnel, and how the hospitals in Nuevo León are operating in terms of capacities.

“We also want to be informed, to know if there are plans to send more medical personnel from Nuevo León to other states and what will be done to guarantee their integrity,” he concluded. (Ntx)