Covid-19: reopening of cinemas in New York – .

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, movie theaters have been closed in New York City. The governor of this state announced their reopening in early March.

One of the main markets for American cinema

A year ago, to the day, the movie theater of “Big apple“, at new York, were closed after the entry of Covid-19 to United States.
Monday February 22, the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, announced the next reopening of these dark rooms for March 5, reports The Parisian. This decision was received as a breath of fresh air for the film industry, especially since new York is considered one of the main markets for American cinema.

The current health situation

However, the governor specified that this reopening will be done with a maximum level of 25% of the usual reception capacity and a limit of 50 spectators per room, in the face of the circulation of the coronavirus.
Indeed, the number of positive cases Covid-19 and that of patients hospitalized at new York return to the level of early December. Now the city is aligned with the rest of the state, where theaters were authorized to reopen in mid-October, the daily notes.


Despite this decision, some cinemas have chosen to remain closed because of the various measures that make reopening economically unviable. Thus, several exhibitors did not take action in the face of the low tonnage, the restrictions on the sale of food and drink, and the lack of films likely to attract viewers.
In addition, the release schedule has been disrupted by Hollywood studios which have postponed the arrival of most big budget films.

Different opinions

The American Association of Theater Owners (NATO) estimated that this reopening (at new York) will give film distributors confidence to set release dates and stick to them. According to her, it is also an important step in the recovery of an entire industry.
Adam aron, the CEO of the channel AMC, announced in a press release that the 13 theaters of the group located in new York, will reopen on March 5.
On the other hand, Andrew Elgart, independent owner of three New York cinemas, says it will not reopen “probably not“on that date. And even if he is studying the possibility of doing so later, it is not certain that with these conditions, a restart will be profitable.

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