Coronavirus —

The president of Vox, Santiago AbascalHe has challenged this Saturday the “long-tailed and short-minded communists” for “throwing their energy into the streets to try to intimidate us.” To them, to the lackeys of the second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, He has warned them that “Spain will prevail and we will regain our normality, not a new or old one,” he emphasized.

In his speech of the massive ‘Caravan for Freedom’ called by Vox against the “criminal” government of Pedro Sánchez for his disastrous management in the coronavirus crisis, Abascal has asked Spaniards of all conditions, whoever they vote to vote, to “before the bullying attacks and threats of fines, keep you on the street with all the security measures ».

«Stay on the street as you have left today, not because a party called you but because you know that your duty is to protect Spain from those who want it poor and imprisoned “, Abascal has proclaimed.

Thus, the leader of Vox has asked not to falter in the defense of Spain and the general interests: “There is nothing and nobody who can with a people that does not know how to live a slave », He stressed in his speech from a convertible bus with the flag of Spain he drew and on which the motto “Government, resignation” could be read.

To the courts

In a Paseo de Recoletos crowded with cars that have attended this concentration and amid the loud noise of the horns of vehicles, Abascal has also announced that his party will bring to justice those responsible for the Social Communist Executive as they already did with the Catalan coup plotters in 2017. A judicial process that ended with the separatist leaders in jail.

Thus, Abascal recalled that the Government “has hidden information that would have saved thousands of compatriots” and has denounced that the Moncloa social communists “have treated the Spanish as children and children like dogs, or worse than dogs, because they could not go for a walk or keep the safety distance ».