Coronavirus —

The left tries to maintain the fiction that those who protest against the government are unsupportive and privileged, that they use their “large cylinder” cars to contaminate and rage the girl Greta. The editors of the newspaper El País had not seen a traffic jam in Madrid until, this morning, thousands of vehicles had paraded through La Castellana to demand the resignation of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias.

The Grupo Prisa newspaper compares the march organized by Vox with «a demonstration in favor of the free burning of fossil fuels«. Already in the headline of its cover, he stresses that “the Vox protest in Madrid ends in a monumental traffic jam that fails to comply with sanitary measures.”

Although the march covered 6 kilometers from La Castellana, the author of the chronicle preferred to follow it from the Salamanca neighborhood, to describe the protesters as truly privileged: he assures that he had never seen so many «BMW, Mercedes, 4 × 4 and convertibles»On the streets of Madrid and reduces the impact of the call to 6,000 vehicles, which would translate into 15,000 protesters (with an average of 2.5 occupants in each car, as he clarifies).

But the great photograph that heads the news, with a sea of ​​Spanish flags exhibited from vehicles in the vicinity of Plaza de Cibeles, denies the attempt by the newspaper El País to tarnish the success of the Vox call.

The Grupo Prisa newspaper indicates that the protesters sanitary measures were skipped in the middle of the pandemic, since many of them got out of their vehicles to chat due to the suffocating heat of Madrid. On the other hand, El País did not show any concern about the risks of the pandemic when the PSOE and Podemos called to participate in the 8M feminist protests, which multiplied the infections exponentially (with two minister and Vice President Carmen Calvo infected) and shot up the number of deaths from coronavirus.