Coronavirus — National Cancer Institute photo for Unsplash

Taiwan scientists plan to conduct human clinical trials of a COVID-19 vaccine in the fall, said Vice President William Lai.

Taiwanese scientists plan to conduct clinical trials of a vaccine against humans coronavirus COVID-19 in the fall, said Taiwan Vice President William Lai.

“The vaccine trials in humans they will take place in the fall, ”Lai said on his Facebook account.

The vice president visited on Friday the National Institute for Health Research (NHRI, for its acronym in English) in the city of Zhunan, in the northwest of the island of Taiwan, and spoke with the team that develops the vaccine against COVID-19.

Lai recalled that the institute helped the Taipei government to combat atypical pneumonia in 2003 and avian influenza in 2005.

The Taiwan health authorities did not report new cases of coronavirus for the second consecutive day, thus the total number of infected on the island it remains at 441, while the death toll remains at seven.

Of the 441 cases of COVID-19, 350 were imported, 55 were local and 36 came from the “Goodwill Fleet” of the Taiwan Navy.

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