Coronavirus —

The cast of actors who were part of ‘Companions’, the popular series that delighted Antena 3 viewers during the 1990s and early 2000s, have reunited eighteen years after the broadcast of their last episode. The reunion, under the theme of “Take care of yourselves,” has as its mission raise awareness among all his followers about the importance of wearing the mask to avoid new infections of coronavirus.

This important initiative has not been absent some of the best known faces of the series such as Eva Santolaria, Antonio Hortelano, Miguel Rellán, María Garralón, Beatriz Carvajal, Francis Lorenzo, Manuel Feijóo, Virginia Rodríguez, Lara de Miguel, Duna Jové, Begoña Maestre, David Janer, Julián González, Armando del Río, César Vea , Daniel Retuerta, Rebeca Cobos, Cristina Peña, Nicolás Belmonte, Elena de Frutos, Lola Baldrich and Monste Pla.

“In these difficult times, we just want to ask you to take care. That you keep your personal distance, that you wash your hands and that you use the mask when appropriate. We are Companions! ”, Writes Miguel Ríos San Martín, director, producer and screenwriter of the series that swept Antena 3.

Central Central Hospital ’also unites against coronavirus

The cast of actors of ‘Hospital Central’ also wanted to meet in a virtual and very symbolic way to pay tribute to all our health workers who they are in the front line of battle taking care of us and fighting the virus. “The vocational heroes of the ‘most expensive’ movie in history,” begins actor David Andrade, Dr. Waldo Jaramillo at “Central Hospital.” “Thanks to that vocation the world does not stop”, continues Alicia Borrachero, the actress who gave life to Cruz Gándara. “I wish we could be by your side lending a hand those of us who were doctors”, are the words of desire of Pedro Casablanc.