Coronavirus —

The Premier announced two positives among the 996 tests carried out on all the players and members of the technical bodies of the 20 clubs in the English First Division. This is the second round of tests, after last week’s in which there were six positives spread between Watford and Burnley. After one day, there are only two cases – when the teams have already returned to work individually for their players. Therefore, it is an obvious step in the Premier’s goal of competing again.

As has been known, the two cases belong to different clubs. Just today it was learned that there are two more Watford players in quarantine for having had contact with someone infected with Covid-19, which, for some, was a slowdown in the plans to resume competition.. Once the two two cases have been confirmed between 996 tests, England sees the resumption of the tournament closer than ever, especially after Boris Johnson has already given the green light.

The Premier has set the date of June 12 to return. After tough negotiations between all the actors involved and the acceptance by the authorities of not playing on neutral fields and each playing his own, as requested by the modest clubs, on Monday the situation could be finally unblocked and the return from the tournament.