Coronavirus —

The teams are questioning the NBA if they can use the fields proposed by the league for their training, since in some cities Government restrictions on the closure of premises due to the coronavirus pandemic remain in effect.

Most teams in regions that still maintain stay-at-home policies due to the pandemic have a large number of players who left their host cities during the shutdown and would have to be quarantined for an extended period, perhaps up to 14 days, before joining trainings at the facilities of their respective franchise.

Teams want to avoid having to quarantine a significant number of their player rosters twice, one when returning to more restrictive markets, and another, in the place they call “bubble”, where the championship would take place. Executives of Nets, Celtics, Knicks and Raptors are some of those who have requested information from the league.

According to various sources, the NBA has told those teams that it plans to work with them on solutions that may include an option for some teams to go directly to the field or to “bubble” sites instead of team facilities where training camps are going to be organized.

The NBA has set a call from the board of governors for next Friday, which is expected to provide additional details to the teams on a schedule and plan to continue the season.

Although it is not yet official, the teams expect the league to direct them to start sending their players to the team’s host cities around June 1.

The same sources indicated that some teams are considering setting up temporary training camps at temporary headquarters before arriving at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Floridawhere the teams of the Eastern Conference they expect them to be housed for the completion of the regular season.

A total of 21 league training facilities are open for individual and voluntary players to perform preparatory work.

But in most cases, executives at the teams’ main offices said they cannot accept the players returning to their host cities to begin preparing for the season’s resumption without the commissioner announcing that the season will resume. .

The league is still unsure about the regular season and the playoff structure it will use to complete it.

In addition, several members of the league’s board of governors believe that The NBA’s preference is that not all teams resume the season, but only those that have a chance of making the playoffs, but that remains undecided.e and the commissioner Adam Silver hopes to have it defined in the coming weeks.

Although there are currently many gaps in the process of returning to the season, Most NBPA team owners, executives and members believe that Silver will give the green light for a return to play in June.

Those same league members agree that they expect games to resume sometime before the end of July, sources said, which means that the season will not end until August and the 2020-2021 season will not start until December.

That will make the playoffs next season not until July and August, so NBA stars will also be unable to attend the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with the United States national team.