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Since the arrival of the first anticovid vaccines In Mexico, some people who do not belong to the medical corps have taken advantage of their positions or influence to obtain a dose that was destined for those who are at the forefront of the battle against the virus.

Faced with this failure to comply with the vaccination plan, which also generates discontent among health personnel waiting for a dose, some experts expose from their field of study the reasons why this lack of collective solidarity permeates society, even in the face of to a crisis like the one we are experiencing.

In the State of Mexico, Jose Rogel, surgeon and director of the Medical Center « Lic. Adolfo López Mateos « , He was removed from the position for facilitating the application of this vaccine to his relatives, even before they began to immunize health personnel; this act provoked outrage among citizens, although it is not, nor will it be the only one given its condition. MILLENNIUM In recent days he also announced the case of 29 public officials who were administered the vaccine in Coahuila.

Cesar Guadarrama, sociologist and professor at UNAM, highlights that behind these actions, there are several variables: one is that the human being has been educated to take advantage of what is around him to survive, which in this case translates into levers, privileges, influences, etc. On the other hand, constantly competing with other Mexicans makes us forget that there are those who need it more than we do. An example of this would be the following:

“A person can rush to work or an appointment, on the way he finds that there are people crowded together and curiosity makes him approach; when he gets closer he realizes that they are giving away juices. Juices that you have tried in your life, that you do not need and you do not like, but they are free, and the fact that they are free forces you to forget the urgency you had to get to the place, and you wait in order to get something that is free ”, explained the specialist in an interview with MILLENNIUM.

“Being free, we assume it is our turn. The problem is when we already invest our time and we do not reach juice; we feel offended, robbed or dispossessed, when there was no obligation to give us that juice. If that happens with a product that we have not tested and we do not need, but that being free we believe and demand that it touches us, what will happen when they are practically survival issues? ”, The expert highlighted.

He also explained that for a large percentage of public servants, their position of power can generate thoughts such as that they are « first class citizens », because they are government officials, or because of the position they occupy in a union or in a hospital. When considering themselves from their own imaginary in this situation of advantage, they believe that it is their turn before any other citizen and they have this temptation about vaccines, he said.

« But more than a temptation, it could assure that they see it as a right for being part of the ranks of a bureaucratic apparatus and more so if they are of high rank. »

This, for health personnel represents a huge frustration when seeing that people who have never stopped in a covid area they are immunized, since it is not an economic resource or incentive; We are talking about a vaccine, which in the scenario we are in, guarantees, to a certain extent, the lives of those who take risks every day.

As Ana Paola Cosío Farías, a doctor from the Siglo XXI National Medical Center, who announced her resignation on social media due to the « inequity and gandalism of the authorities, » after the hospital’s administrative staff assumed responsibility for the covid area and received the vaccine before her and her companions. Faced with this lie to be part of the vaccination list, there could be a reason that characterizes the human being.

An article published by The New York Times in 2011, titled The Psychology of Cheating (The Psychology of Deception), states that low-level cheating can be natural and even productive in some situations; the brain naturally looks for useful shortcuts.

However, according to some psychologists, the most powerful impulse to cheat comes from a deep sense of injustice, explains the author. Benedict Carey. As people begin to compete and compare themselves with others, they also begin to learn about the hidden benefits of taking other people’s work.

Cheating, experts say, suddenly feels like protection against the most degrading feeling: being a fool. In this case, the fear of running out of vaccination and hearing someone say, « You mean you could do it and you didn’t? » Involves questions such as How stupid am I? How did I not see this? “It happens every day to people who resist cheating. Nothing fair about it ”, highlights the journalist.

Take the ophthalmologist as an example Alejandro Silva, who became known as #LadyVacuna for receiving the dose despite not being front-line personnel and, as if that were not enough, days later he was observed at a beach party. His argument was that he cares for patients very closely and they could be asymptomatic.

Whoever is not in charge of any institution, nor is he a public official, nor can he pass himself off as front-line personnel, is Ricardo Muñoz, vocalist of Intocable, a famous American group of norteño music. The singer boasted on social media about his symptoms after being vaccinated. Later, in a video, he clarified that it was not influence peddling, but luck to get one of the remaining doses.

The fact that we are prone to cheating is not characteristic of a culture or a nationality, he explained. Salvador Mendiola, in an interview with this medium. “It is not an Italian, Chinese or Mexican defect, it is part of the fragility of the human being. I consider that if there is no god, nor is there nature, nor universal laws, then we are in grave danger all the time ”.

The professor of the highest university, also warned that this kind of abuse is due to the absence of the government and the education that we have had on the part of the SEP, in the case of Mexico.

“Anyone who has undergone the education that the Secretary of Public EducationHe is incapable of being generous, magnanimous, ”he asserted. “Ethical education has been expelled from all sides, directed towards citizenship to individualism; they failed to educate the community for sociality in cases of danger ”, he warned.

« Before there was no professional career that did not have a subject of professional ethics … now they do not consider citizens, or public health, » he said. He added that enlightened or educated humanity suffers a wear and tear trying to train the mind to avoid that selfishness and irrationality. « With a certain irrationality, the only thing that can be applied is good education, » he said.


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