Credit cards, why should you have more than one?

An alternative to be able to solve expenses that cannot be covered at the moment are credit cards, which allow the purchase of products and services that can later be paid in flexible terms. However, everything lies in the handling of these plastics, that is, although it brings great benefits but if it is not used responsibly it can become a big problem.

Handling more than one card has its advantages, but before acquiring several plastics, the ideal is that you consider the capacity of your line of credit and above all financial so that you can analyze how you can balance the debts of each one. For this reason, here we take the opportunity to tell you how many and which are the convenient cards that you should have.

Just remember to make payments within the established deadlines. Photo: Pixabay

1. Card for online expenses

In order to have a better management and administration of expenses, it is advisable to have a card for you to make your purchases online, in this way you can also be on the lookout for an irregularity such as fraud or identity theft.

2. Backup card

It is advisable to have another card that you can use in case of theft or loss of the previous one, which will be a tool for you to face an emergency, while you wait for the replacement of the other.

3. Travel abroad

If you make trips frequently or when you do one, it is important to carry two cards in case an unforeseen event arises with one, with the other you can solve it since being in another country can be difficult to solve the problem that arises with plastic .

What should you consider when having more than one credit card?

Although handling several cards has its advantages but it also depends on the proper use and considering the size of the debt and your financial capacity, that is why you should take the following into account.

Even if you apply for a new card, it is advisable to keep the credit line of the oldest ones open, in this way you can obtain a longer credit history, which is beneficial in the accumulation of points. It is important that you use them occasionally even if they are not substantial purchases, otherwise being inactive can affect your credit. Avoid obtaining several cards in order to have a higher credit score, this option is not recommended since the good record lies in proper handling not in the number of plastics you have. Be aware of the money you owe, sometimes when using the cards debts accumulate easily, that is why you must take into account how much the debt is so that you identify that it does not exceed your financial capacity and it is possible for you to pay it off, remember to get a plastic to pay others is not a good option either. Think about whether you really need a new credit card, since requesting several in a short term can be unfavorable for your credit score, which can affect a loan that you get to request either to acquire a house or a car.

Finally, consider that having several credit cards can be rewarding to use them responsibly, that is why you must pay them in the established times to avoid generating high interest.

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