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He Minister of Culture of the Nation, Tristán Bauer, met today with representatives from various chambers of commercial theater, live music and entertainment, and announced a series of financial aid measures in support of the sector, badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

As detailed from the communication area of ​​the portfolio of Culture, of the meeting held in the Kirchner Cultural Center participated themselves Bauer, officials of the ministries of Labor and Productive Development and entrepreneurs from the entertainment sector both in person and online.

On the side of the cameras, which represent the Cultural SMEs, They were present Ana Poluyan from Acmma (Asociación Civil Managers Musicales Argentinos), Guillermo Gonzalez de Capte (Argentine Chamber of Technical Providers for Events and Shows), Eduardo Sempé IDEAr (Argentine Entertainment Industry), Roberto Bisogno and Martín Alfiz de Aadet (Argentine Association of Theater and Musical Entrepreneurs), and Tiana Alejandra Rivera ASAP (Argentine Association of Producers).

They participated virtually Gerardo Rojas, Carlos Fernández Méndez and Cristian Merchot, respectively president, secretary and member of Acmma; Graciana Maro, Sebastián Blutrach and Carlos Rottemberg of Aadet and Jose Palazzo of CIEyA (Chamber of the Entertainment and Related Industry).

Repro II for Culture

There the minister announced that they will incorporate the Repro II critical sectors of the Cultural Industries, at the same time that an employment assistance program will be developed with a budget of 355 million pesos, intended to sustain the activity of the theater and live music.

That sector, according to the latest report from the Cultural Information System of Argentina (Sinca), has suffered a drop in year-on-year billing greater than 85 percent product of the effects of pandemic.

In addition, the extension of credits intended for Cultural SMEs until the March 31st, the incorporation of natural persons and a financial inclusion plan next to Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA), and the formation of a technical working table between the three ministries (Culture, Labor and Productive Development) and the industry chambers to follow up on the agenda set out in the meeting.

Summer 2021: health care and protocols

Finally, it was reported that during the meeting, views and opinions were exchanged on different aspects related to the care and protocols established during summer cultural season, especially those related to its operation and compliance, and the current conditions for performing shows and the current provisions to sustain care against the pandemic were analyzed.

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