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‘I feel much more swollen’: Chiara Ferragni asks her fans for advice about her pregnancy

That the belly is placed in the upper part, feeling more stressed, noticing dull skin, suffering episodes of acne, constant mood swings … those are just some of the symptoms that, according to popular belief, predict that you will have a girl. In the case of Chiara Ferragni, who already announced in early October that she would give little Leo a sister, has revealed that one of the differences she is experiencing with respect to her first pregnancy is that her legs are much more swollen. A few weeks ago the influencer boasted of her belly in lingerie, however, now she confesses through the networks some of the discomfort that she notices in her sixth month of pregnancy and, incidentally, asks her fans to recommend exercises with the to combat fluid retention. VIEW GALLERY -What a change! That was Chiara Ferragni 11 years ago A few days ago, Paula Echevarría was teaching her favorite cosmetics now that she is pregnant and, among her essentials, she pointed to a formula with a ‘draining effect’ to feel lighter: “Treat varicose veins, treat swelling, it treats fluid retention and, well, it also tones the skin, gives it a lot of luminosity … “, said the actress. And it is precisely this type of treatment that could help Chiara, who has just revealed to her followers that this second pregnancy is not being the same as the first: “With my little baby I feel much more bloated than I was with Leo “. The Italian has told through her networks that some of the symptoms she remembers of the first pregnancy have come forward: “With Leo it happened to me like the last month or so, the last month and a half, but with this girl I go halfway of the sixth month and I already feel swelling almost all the time, especially in the legs, “confesses Ferragni. The influencer also takes the opportunity to ask her fans for advice: “If you have any exercise that you like to do and that is not too hard, please share it. And other things that have helped you.” VIEW GALLERY -That’s the moment Chiara Ferragni discovered she was pregnant for the second time. For now, the solution for the future mother of two is to take walks on the treadmill at a low pace, a routine that her husband, the rapper Fedez, has recorded with his mobile and has shared with his fans. In the capture, the artist jokes about how slow his wife is, however, the influencer tries to exercise without putting her little girl at risk. In fact, when we asked Paula Echevarría’s coach about the changes that the actress would have to implement in her fitness routine now that she is pregnant, the expert revealed: “Aerobic intensity should be adapted to your needs and avoid impact or everything that may pose a risk of falling, but will work moving weight, sweat and train as always, adapting the workouts to the goals of each week of pregnancy and their fitness and needs. ” Finally, the specialist explained how much exercise is advised during the pregnancy stage: “As long as there is no contraindication, the recommendation for a person who is previously active is to perform cardio a minimum of 150 ‘per week at moderate intensity and three days of strength training “. A fitness plan that not only fights fluid retention, but also increases energy levels, which tend to drop due to pregnancy.

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