Cristian Castro released a metal version of “Lloviendo Estrellas” and it went viral

Cristian Castro has been characterized as a figure that gives something to talk about, since for some years he expressed his interest in the metal genre, despite the fact that for many years he was a pop star.

Now, following that line, the artist decided to release a new version of his hit “Raining Stars”, which quickly went viral.

Listen to the metal version of “Raining Stars”

The song was released and is a collaboration of the metal band Aspera, which has been in the music scene for a few years now.

“Asspera and Cristian Castro came together to show that there are no borders in the world of music, much less when there is desire and love for metal,” the official description tells us.

Verónica Castro’s son decided to agree to write the song, as it is one of his favorite genres.

The time Cristian Castro had a metal band

In August 2014, Cristian wanted to move into the metal genre and created the band Purgatorio with which he released the single “La Esfinge”; he even had some live performances.

The most curious thing is that he became famous thanks to his career as a pop star, so it was almost unreal seeing him in another genre.

At the time, the artist was highly criticized, because not many of his fans took the fact well

What happened to him?

Currently, the artist is still focused on giving live shows, although he has not had new releases, so during his presentations he usually performs his hits.

Let us remember that it was during the decade of the 90s that its greatest impulse was given.

In addition, he was part of the reality show “Sing with me now” and his participation gave something to talk about, as he wore several striking costumes, which generated various comments and criticism for his new style.

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