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Cristian Castro reveals that he had an affair with Thalía (Reformation)

Cristian Castro reveals that he had an affair with Thalía | Reform

The famous singer Cristian castro He talked about more and made it known that there was something between him and the singer Thalia who is currently married to Tommy Mottola, a confession that surely surprised everyone.

Singer Cristian Castro, Ramón Valdez’s nephew, who gave life to the character of “Don Ramón” in the program El Chavo del 8, revealed that he had a brief romance with Thalía.

Some time ago, during his participation in the Argentine program PH: Podemos Hablar, the interpreter of “You will not be able”, “After you … What?” and “I’m never going to forget you” I point out that it is the first time that he reveals that he had some days in which he and Thalía “felt beautiful things.”

This is how Cristian Castro sinned as indiscreet and shared that there was a Romance between him and the famous Arrasando Thalía interpreter.

We had something, but no boyfriends. We had days where we felt beautiful, we felt things, “shared Verónica Castro’s son.

The driver, aware that this confession would have an incredible impact on Mexico, pointed this out to the artist, who, laughing, confessed, “What I don’t want is for her husband to find out.”

However, that was not the only thing he confessed CastroHe also pointed out that he fought with Luis Miguel himself for the love of a woman and also made known his name Daisy Fuentes.

Those are other secrets, I have to write the book, “said Cristian Castro.

It is worth mentioning that Daisy and Luis Miguel were a couple for a time and although their relationship ended, the singers never ever regain their friendship.

The one who should be upset should be me, but he is the one who is offended by this. “

On the other hand, Thalia and Tommy Mottola are one of the most stable couples in the world and without a doubt they live a beautiful never ending fairy tale.

And it is that both share a strong relationship that did not wreck adrift, like dozens of other famous romances, and they have two children as a result of their love.

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It all started with a blind date planned by producer Emilio Estefan, who convinced both Thalía and Tommy to meet, at the insistence of their mutual friend, they decided to attend the blind date at the Escalinatela restaurant in New York. , which was a success, as they both hit it off very well and continued dating.

The crush occurred on that first romantic date in 1998, however Thalia she realized she was in love when she no longer had to look for anyone else.

It was the moment when I found my other half in him. It became a complement “, confessed the singer in 2000 for the magazine Who.

After a year of dating, meeting and being targeted by the paparazzi, the producer gave the “Teach Me How to Live” singer the engagement ring.

In fact, there was a lot of rumor about the place and the date on which the couple would say “yes, I accept”, however, it was information that was kept very well kept.

It was in the year 2000 when Thalía and Tommy got married and undoubtedly the interpreter of “Piel Morena” looked more beautiful than ever.

Her dress was inspired by Charlotte of Habsburg, she wore a tiara with diamonds and pearls, and was made with silver threads, Swarovsky crystals and pearls.

Without a doubt it was a dream wedding, where Thalia she saw her dream of marrying a good man reflected, as Tommy was already recognized in the record industry.

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