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Since its premiere in 1990, The Godfather 3 (which this year presents a new version) has faced an insurmountable fate: to be compared with its predecessors, two of the greatest works in the history of filmmaking. That size.

Other aspects would add to the differentiation, one of them being the inexorable passage of time. Although a couple of years passed between the first and second film, from 1972 to 1974, there were more than three decades between the second and third part. In addition, the last installment did not enjoy the support of a previous literary work.

the godfather 3 new version

For those who are familiar with the literary work of Mario Puzo, or the film production based on his works, the constant analogy that the third film is like the “Fredo” of the trilogy might be clear.

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Despite these stigmas, exaggerated from the point of view of the writer of these lines, it is a film that stands up worthily on its own merit, as well as in the context of the saga itself. The first film is about the rise of Michael Corleone in the world of the mafia. The second, about its consolidation, while the third refers to its decline. Hence, it is so significant for Coppola to return to The Godfather 3 in this new version with the original title that he and Mario Puzo had originally raised, Epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone.

the godfather 3 new version

Director Francis Ford Coppola returned the source material for a new treatment and release to global audiences before the end of 2020. He re-edited the film, reducing the total length by more than 10 minutes to 158. He eliminated scenes, but above all he rearranged others, with the intention of underlining one of the main plot lines: the involvement of the Corleone family in the Vatican finances. A kind of mirror of Michael Corleone’s attempt to legitimize the family name and seek his own redemption. Of course the
additional treatment to improve the image and sound of the work.

It is not the first time that the renowned director has reissued some of his previous works. The films Apocalypse (Apocalypse Now, 1979) and Cotton Club (The Cotton Club, 1984) received similar treatments in the past.

It should be celebrated that this new version of The Godfather 3 once again points the spotlight to a work as relevant as this one. Its exhibition in theaters and availability on platforms may invite a whole new generation of moviegoers to meet it. And to everyone else, to visit her again.

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Original title: The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone

Year: 2020


Actors: Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Andy Garcia

Release date:December 04, 2020 (US)

The Godfather III

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