Curiosities about cats. Do not miss it!

Cats are often considered mysterious creatures, with a special and almost mystical character. It is the animal that in the collective imagination accompanies witches and, why fool us, the bad guys in the film. Fortunately, these are myths that only have their place in literature or cinema. Flesh and bone kittens give good examples of their affability every day across the planet and star in millions of adorable videos circulating on the Internet. In fact, putting a cat in your digital life is almost synonymous with success, such is the adoration that this pet awakens among the crowd.

Cat curiosities

Do you know where a cat’s fingerprint is located? In the nose! The drawing that can be seen in it and its grooves are different in each kitty. The same thing happens to dogs.

Each ear of your kitty has a whopping 32 muscles, which allow you to move it towards each and every one of the sounds it perceives. Didn’t you notice that her ears look like radars? You already know the reason for that movement.

It is true that most of the time cats purr when they are happy but so do females when they go into labor as well as specimens that are sick or even scared to calm down.

Regarding its characteristic meowYou should know that they use it practically to communicate with humans, almost never with other congeners, that deaf cats make louder sounds than non-deaf cats and that there are breeds like the Siamese cat that are very talkative, capable of emitting a good amount of different meows.

Cats are also great athletes They walk as gracefully as ballet dancers on their toes (they’re 18, not 20 like humans!) and can jump up to 6 times their size.

This pet is very territorial, you are the one who lives on its land and when it brushes against you what it is doing is marking you as part of its property. Be careful, other cats, you belong to him.