Curiosities about gorillas – They are polygamous

Gorillas are primates from the forests of Africa. On one side is the eastern or mountain gorilla, which lives in the most mountainous areas of central Africa (Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo). And, on the other hand, they find the western or lowland gorilla that lives in the flat forests of central and western Africa (Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and the Central African Republic among others). In addition, although both are very similar, they present some differences.

Mountain gorillas have a long coat that insulates them from temperatures, while lowland gorillas have shorter and softer hair. They also differ in size. The lowland gorilla measures approximately 1.7 meters when it is on both legs. The mountain gorilla is the same height but weighs between 130 and 220 kilos, making it somewhat larger.

Gorillas are primarily herbivorous primates, feeding mostly on grasses, branches, fruits, tree bark, berries, and shoots. However, when they run out of food they can eat small insects such as ants, termites, snails or caterpillars. On average, gorillas eat 18 kilos of vegetation per day, although some males can even reach 30 kilograms.

Another peculiarity about gorillas is that they almost never drink water directly, since they obtain most of the liquid from the consumption of plants. If you want to discover more incredible curiosities about gorillas, take a look at the following gallery.