Curiosities about orange cats. Awesome!

The orange cat may be that, along with Silvestre and Tom, is one of the most famous cats on television thanks to the cartoons of a pussycat named Garfield, that managed to make children and adults laugh for a long time.

Its popularity has not stopped growing and today there are two things that people love about orange cats: the first is their striking color and the second is their sweet look that conquers you. Do you remember the puss in boots shrek? It is no coincidence that it was orange, as these cats are very famous for their beautiful green eyes.

To the orange cats they are also called “orange Tabby” cats and their striped fur can vary in shades from orange-red to golden yellow. Furthermore, the tabby pattern of these felines is one of the oldest and they have many traits in common with wildcats. Orange cats are believed to have come from these wild animals.

But what breed are these cats? It is important that you are clear that these cats are not of a specific type but their color is a physical characteristic that occurs in many of the feline breeds that we know both with short and long hair. Of course, an orange cat, regardless of the breed, will have striped hair and a darker colored “M” -shaped mark around his eyes.

This cat does not have a specific behavior but its character will depend on the race to which it belongs. However, it tends to coincide that they are very active and loving. Do you want your cat to be sociable? The way in which you educate your pet will determine its way of being in the future.

Having an animal is not a game so if you want an orange cat you will have to be aware that pets require love, respect and patience. You don’t want her just to show off her striking fur. There are many orange cats waiting in shelters or shelters to have a loving family. Adopt responsibly! Next, we tell you 15 curiosities about these felines that you cannot miss.