Curiosities and news about the next version of the operating system

There are still many users who are still getting used to Android 13 Tiramisu with its new features, design and functions. But it seems that Google is prepared to launch the next version of the operating system sometime in 2023: Android 14.

With information from a report published on the website of computer todaywe detail the curiosities and news that this new version of Android will bring.

What will Android 14 bring?

Although the first beta of Android 14 has not yet been revealed, some hints of what we will see in the future on phones compatible with the operating system have already been leaked. The first to receive the beta will be the Google Pixel.

Regarding its name, it is important to remember that Google abandoned this nickname scheme with the redesign of Android 10, but they continue to nickname the versions within the company for development.

A leak that the Mountain View company never denied was that of the name of Android 14: Upside Down Cake, or what is known in Hispanic countries as an upside-down or inverted cake and that it should arrive at some point of the year, perhaps during the last trimester.

About which devices will be compatible, probably the Google Pixel, almost certainly the new Pixel 7 series. Other manufacturers like Samsung will join the party with the cake turned upside down, while models from brands like Xiaomi will take a little longer than the rest to update.

Regarding its new features and tools, Android 14’s regional preferences feature could tell apps to use your preferred calendar and number system. In addition, it could make it easier to find and remove bloatware (any pre-installed app that exceeds the user’s needs) installed by the operator.

Finally, Health Connect could be part of Android 14. Until now, there was no API that health apps could use to share data, but Google responds to the problem with this feature, capable of acting as an intermediary for these tracking apps to share data. each other.