Cydia sues Apple for monopoly on the App Store

It seems that we are experiencing a major antitrust movement. There are several open investigations against large technology companies in the United States and Europe, in fact Facebook could be forced to part with WhatsApp and Instagram. And in the middle of it all Cydia arrives and sues Apple for anti-competitive and monopolistic practices with your Apple Store.

cydia vs app store
Cydia vs App Store

In case you don’t know Cydia is the alternative store to the App Store that we can install via jailbreak. It is a store with software that is not allowed in the App Store, much of this software allows system modifications.

As reported The Washington Post, today Cydia has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that the apple company has used anti-competitive practices to establish an illegal monopoly on the distribution of applications on iOS.

The first app store sues the App Store

Cydia was created by Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik, and was the first app store available for the iPhone, it was launched before Apple launched its own App Store. This app and software store needs a jailbreak to function properly, so its popularity has been growing and decreasing over time.

jailbreak ios 13.5 iPhone cydia
Cydia on the iPhone

Of course, Cydia still exists today and, although it is less popular, it has decided to sue Apple. The lawsuit filed in federal court in Northern California alleges that If it weren’t for Apple’s “illegal monopoly” on iOS app distribution, users would have other options outside of the App Store to install applications on your iPhone or iPad.

«If it weren’t for Apple’s anti-competitive acquisition and maintenance of an illegal monopoly on iOS app distribution, today’s users would be able to choose how and where to locate and obtain iOS apps, and developers could use the app distributor. iOS of your choice«.

An Apple spokesperson, Fred Sainz, has spoken with The Washington Post and has ensured that the company will review the lawsuit, although it denied that the App Store is a monopoly.

Fred says that Apple faces competition with Android from Google, which is used by phone manufacturers such as Samsung or Google itself. Apple says you need to control how the software is installed on the iPhone to protect the privacy of your customers.

This lawsuit by Cydia joins the one filed by Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, also against the App Store. We’ll see if these lawsuits succeed or not, and if the authorities force Apple to open iOS to other app stores.

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