D. Trump orders withdrawal of US troops from Somalia before leaving White House – .

After this announcement by Donald Trump to withdraw the “majority” of American troops in Somalia, the Pentagon assured that the United States will not withdraw from Africa.

Forces redeployed outside East Africa

The Pentagon announced Friday the decision of the outgoing president of the United States. Donald trump gave the order to withdraw the “majority” American troops from Somalia “by early 2021”. This date corresponds to his departure from the White House after the swearing in of Joe Biden. Part of the forces will then be redeployed outside of East Africa. “However, the rest of the forces will be repositioned from Somalia to neighboring countries to allow cross-border operations by the United States and partner forces, to keep the pressure on violent extremist organizations.”, said the US Department of Defense in a statement relayed by Le Figaro.

Washington continues its commitments

Faced with the Shebab jihadists affiliated with Al-Qaeda, the Somali army is made up of nearly 700 American special forces soldiers. While the shebab pose a major threat in Somalia and in the region, the Pentagon has assured that the United States is not withdrawing or disengaging from Africa. Indeed, Washington has promised to continue its intelligence activities there. At present, the group is still capable of attacking Western interests and their partners in Somalia and East Africa, the Pentagon inspector general warned in a very recent report.

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