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Through a video on his YouTube channel, French duo Daft Punk announce separation after 28-year career which started in 1993 during the techno scene in France. And although for some fans the announcement, which is a video of the last sequence of his film Electrome, they got confused about a new project, the band’s publicist confirmed the news (via).

Electrome was the film directed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, their real names, in 2006 and presented at the Cannes Film Festival. Although the tape didn’t make much noise beyond the circuit, it was an extension of the band’s message.

In the plot of Electroma we live in a world where there are only robots – all of them with Daft Punk helmets, whether they are children, the elderly, women, men-; two robots seek to change their appearance towards a more “human” one. Unable to do so, they decide to self-destruct. One of them explodes, as seen in the farewell video, while the other catches fire and walks in the desert to the rhythm of “I Want to be Alone” by Jackson C. Frank.

In the world of cinema, Daft Punk participated in the creation of the soundtrack of Tron The Legacy, where they have pointed out that producing and composing this album helped them to land the concept of what would be their next, and now, last album: Random Access Memories.

The Japanese anime director Leiji Matsumoto, he was in charge of making the film Interstella 5555, which took all the songs from the Discovery album to be the common thread in the story of this fictional band created by Daft Punk: The Crescendolls.

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