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It was officially announced today that Daft Punk, the legendary electronic music duo, had come to an end after 28 years. Because of this, James Mielke, producer of Q Entertainment, explained that these musicians were going to be part of a game of Play Station Vita which eventually became Lumines: Electronic Symphony.

Q Entertainment talked with Ubisoft to create a themed game of Daft punk called Lumines, and it is said that the musicians would even compose exclusive songs for the title. Ubisoft seemed to have been delighted with the idea, but the only problem was that Daft punk he didn’t have time to do it.

At the time, the duo were busy working with Disney on Tron: Legacy, which kept them very busy for quite a while. Mielke He also talked a bit about the idea for this themed game:

“What I wanted to do is for the player to be able to experience the game from a Daft Punk perspective, and see how people got excited about great combos in Lumines. Everything was going to have a Daft Punk theme, from the user interface, the soundtrack and the ambience, to the special effects, real-time lighting, a 3D audience, etc. “

As I mentioned at the beginning of the note, this game evolved to become Lumines: Electric Symphony, and you can learn a little more about this title with the previous trailer.

Via: Kotaku

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