Dallas : Five inmates die in accident after escaping from jail – .

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Five prisoners were killed when their car collided with a tree after a massive escape in Lebanon.

A total of 69 inmates managed to break down the doors of their cells in the jail near Beirut this Saturday.

The deadly accident occurred when six prisoners seized a vehicle while fleeing facilities in Baabda district.

“The car collided with a tree and several fugitive prisoners were found to be on board after it was taken from its driver,” the news agency reported.

Five died and another was injured in the accident, he said.

Fifteen prisoners were captured, the state NNA news agency said. One was handed back to the authorities by his mother.

Security forces have been conducting a search in the area and the local population has been warned to be alert.

The authorities have launched an investigation into the jailbreak.

A prosecutor has said that he would not rule out some kind of collusion between the prisoners and their guards.