Dallas : He killed his mother and wife with a rifle before being killed by the police – .

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Michigan – A man in Michigan shot and killed his mother and wife and shot police officers from the balcony of their apartment before being killed by officers, authorities said.

The incident occurred at about 2:30 pm Saturday in Dearborn Heights, a suburb of Detroit, west of Detroit. The 43-year-old individual repeatedly disobeyed officers’ orders to lay down the semi-automatic rifle he was holding.

Michigan State Police confirmed the victims were the subject’s mother and wife, 67 and 33 years old respectively, the Detroit News reported. Names were not released.

Police explained that the man shot at officers from his second-floor apartment, which overlooked a parking lot.

Officers later found a second rifle in the subject’s bedroom and about 30 chargers full of bullets.