Dallas : One dead in Portland after clash between pro-Trump caravan and protest against police brutality – .

PORTLAND, Oregon – One person was shot and killed Saturday night in Portland, Oregon, as several participants in a long pro-President Donald Trump caravan clashed with protesters in the streets, police said.

It is not currently known if the shooting is related to the clashes that erupted when the caravan of approximately 600 vehicles was confronted by protesters in the city center. A freelance journalist working with The Associated Press observed police paramedics treating the victim, who was apparently a white man.

“Portland Police officers heard gunshots in the area of ​​Southeast 3rd Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. They went to the scene and located a victim with a gunshot wound to the chest. Medical personnel arrived and determined that the victim had died, ”the Portland Police Department detailed in a statement.

Portland has been the scene of late-night protests for three months since the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. Hundreds of people have been detained by local and federal agents and, prior to the shooting, police had made several arrests on Saturday and warned the population to avoid going to the city center.

The caravan headed downtown to Oregon’s largest city after holding a rally during the day in the parking lot of the Clackamas Town Center mall. Many of the participants waved Trump flags.

“This rally is not a protest,” Alex Kyzik, one of the organizers, told those present, according to Oregonian / Oregonlive.com. “This rally in a celebration of a great president.”

At least two people were killed after someone shot around midnight.

The caravan made its way to downtown Portland around 5:15 pm They were greeted at the scene by protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement who had gathered for their own march.

Video footage showed sporadic clashes, as well as Trump supporters firing paintballs at protesters, who responded by throwing objects into the caravan.

“There have been some cases of violence between protesters and counter-protesters,” Portland Police reported via Twitter. “Agents have intervened and in some cases made arrests.”

Apparently the white man was participating in the counter-demonstration in London.

Saturday’s rally marks the third consecutive weekend that Trump supporters have gathered in and around Portland, causing clashes with protesters, according to Oregonian / Oregonlive.com.

Protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement often damage police stations and federal buildings. Some of the protests have demanded the reduction of police budgets while the mayor of the city and residents of the black community have condemned the violence, which they consider counterproductive.