Dallas : Presumed network of assassins that would be led by a man in prison dismantled

FRESNO, California – Central Valley authorities uncovered and dismantled an alleged network of hitmen who were allegedly led by a man who is being held in a Kings County prison.

After several anonymous complaints and an intense investigation, authorities managed to identify and arrest three women who are alleged to have been planning several killings in coordination with an inmate.

Two of the women are believed to have had a romantic relationship with the inmate, who was identified as Elizar Buesos Mendoza, while the third suspect was the prisoner’s sister.

“During the investigation we learned that they were trying to kill 3 victims, two here in Avenal and one more in Mexico,” said Gabriela Rivera, Police Department Sgt.

According to the sergeant, the investigation determined that Bueso, who is in a Kings County jail serving a sentence for violations of the law in Avenal and Coalinga, was organizing the killings by telephone with the help of his sister and two of his women. .

Two of the women were put behind bars and face bail of $ 2.5 million.

The third suspect has not been detained because she is 7 months pregnant. However, she is awaiting charges of conspiracy and attempted murder.

Michael Hill won with a “Scratch-Off” two years ago and is now facing charges for the crime of a woman.