Dallas : Reveal video of Hispanic who died in police custody – .

Authorities released body camera recordings of one of the officers implicated in the death of a 28-year-old Hispanic who was immobilized on the ground by a Phoenix, Arizona police officer for about 6 minutes on May 4. August.

Ramon Timothy Lopez, 28, was found unconscious in the back of a police vehicle minutes after his arrest for allegedly stealing a drink from a store.

The videos show how the man was neutralized on the hot asphalt for almost six minutes and suffered what appears to be burns before dying. The intense heat wave in Phoenix has left temperatures above 100 ° F.

After the dissemination of the images, many people on social networks ask why Lopez was put against the sidewalk.

Police arrested Lopez in West Phoenix on suspicion of acting erratically and stealing a drink from a store. Officers held him on the sidewalk for five minutes before they found him unconscious in the back seat of a police van, according to body camera videos.