Dallas : stepfather raped minor and mother filmed him with cell phone – .

The Ecuadorian National Police arrested a mother accused of recording the rape and sexual abuse of her 14-year-old daughter by her partner. The case that outrages the Andean nation occurred in the town of El Triunfo.

It is the same sector where a father abused his little girl from the age of 9. The girl, now 13, is seven months pregnant.

The new case came to light after the ECU911 emergency system attended to a woman’s report about the disappearance of her daughter. The police found the minor hidden in a depopulated area near the house.

It was then that the teenager told the officers that she fled from home due to the constant abuse of her stepfather, identified as Rodolfo Carlos MA

The victim said that her mother not only witnessed the rapes, she also filmed them with her cell phone.

The mother admitted that she videotaped the abuse and said she did it because her partner threatened her with a firearm.

The NYPD is on the hunt for a Hispanic man accused of following a woman into her Bronx building and attempting to rape her in front of her youngest daughter.

The police found a shotgun and a cell phone with evidence in the house. The girl was transferred to Guayaquil to receive medical attention.

The mother and the alleged assailant were arrested on charges of rape, sexual abuse and child pornography. The man faces up to 40 years in prison.

The Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office also added charges for the illicit possession of a firearm.