Dallas : The Vatican investigates a “like” of Pope Francis to a model on Instagram – .

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican opened an investigation in close contact with Instagram to discover how it was possible that a “like” was placed on a photo of a model from Pope Francis’ account, sources from the press office explained to EFE on Friday of the Holy See.

Vatican sources assured that the “like”, which on Instagram is an icon of the heart, did not come out of Pope Francis’ account.

It all happened when the photo of the Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto, 27, was seen on the Pope’s social network account @Franciscus, which was immediately withdrawn.

It was the model who affirmed on social networks that Pope Francis’ verified Instagram account gave her the like, according to the media.

In the photo, the Brazilian model appears dressed as a schoolgirl, with a short white shirt that shows the waist and a Scottish miniskirt, while leaning on one of the typical lockers of students in high schools.

Pope Francis is present on Twitter and Instagram and his profiles are managed by Vatican personnel.

In the case of the social network dedicated to photography, it has more than 7.5 million followers.