Dallas : What comes next? Pelosi asks to resume discussions on new financial aid package – NBC Dallas (39)

Democratic leaders in Congress rejected the executive orders signed on Saturday by President Donald Trump to ease the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, calling them “insufficient” and “unconstitutional.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, referred to Trump’s actions this Sunday as “unconstitutional garbage” that put Social Security and Medicare at risk, which are financed through payroll taxes that would be deferred according to the orders of the agent.

“The meager announcements show that President Trump still does not understand the seriousness or urgency of the economic and health crisis. These policies provide little real help to families,” Pelosi lamented on her Twitter account.

He added, “Republicans must come back to the negotiating table, meet with us, and work toward a compromise that really helps American workers and families.”

Negotiations between Republicans and Democrats on a new economic stimulus bill failed once again on Friday, despite repeated attempts to reach an agreement and the termination of $ 600 weekly unemployment insurance.

For his part, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer called Trump’s measures a “fraud” that will not solve the crisis of thousands of families across the country.

The president signed four executive orders in one of his golf clubs to provide economic relief to Americans from the pandemic. However, this is a congressional competence.

“The president announced tight and weak policies that cut the unemployment benefit that millions of people desperately need and jeopardize Social Security and Medicare for the elderly,” Schumer said in a joint statement with Senator Pelosi.

Trump’s decree provides for a weekly unemployment insurance payment of $ 400, a third less than the $ 600 people were receiving. Democrats insisted for several weeks to keep the amount of $ 600, but Democrats proposed that it be a lower figure.

Executive orders could face legal challenges that question the president’s authority to spend taxpayer money without the express approval of Congress. Trump had mostly stayed on the sidelines during the administration’s negotiations with congressional leaders, bequeathing the talks on his side to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

The tension on the eve of the conclusion of the impeachment against the president was evident. Watch the video with the awkward moments.

In addition to the $ 400 a week for the unemployed, Trump ordered a postponement of payroll taxes, an extension of the eviction moratorium for renters, a postponement of student loan payments, among others.

“It’s $ 400 a week and we’re doing it without the Democrats,” said Trump, who asked the states to cover 25% of the cost. Trump intends to set aside $ 44 billion in previously approved disaster assistance to help states maintain the additional unemployment payment for the pandemic, but the president said state authorities will determine how much or no they will contribute, so deliveries could still be minors.

Many states face deficits due to the coronavirus pandemic and could have a difficult time meeting the new obligation. Washington fully funded the previous unemployment assistance.

“Instead of passing a bill, now President Trump is cutting unemployment benefits and pushing states into one more budget crisis, forcing them to make devastating cuts to life and death programs,” Pelosi questioned.