Dallas : With sheets tied, prisoners escape through the window of the 12th floor of a prison

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two fugitives, including a murder suspect, were arrested after leaving the Oklahoma City Jail in Oklahoma City early Friday for using tied sheets to lower the building from a 12th-floor cell, they said. The authorities.

Pablo Robledo, 34, who was detained on a first-degree murder charge, was found and arrested Friday afternoon in southwest Oklahoma City by city police and U.S. Marshals, the spokesman said. from the Mac Mullings jail.

Mullings noted that Robledo was arrested without incident shortly before 2:30 pm in a neighborhood where he may have family members and authorities have been monitoring him.

Robledo and his cellmate escaped by breaking a cell window and going down, Mullings said, adding that Robledo was seen in a prison security video around 5:25 a.m., outside the jail.

His cellmate, José Hernández, fell or jumped from the makeshift rope around the fourth floor, apparently breaking his leg, before being found and subsequently arrested by Oklahoma City police on Friday morning.

Hernandez is hospitalized for his injury, according to Mullings. His condition has not been disclosed.

His alleged attempt to outwit the authorities ended badly for a woman in jail.

Jail records show that Robledo had been jailed since June 2019 for murder, assault and battery, domestic abuse, and other charges.

Court records also indicate that he pleaded not guilty and was scheduled for trial starting August 31.