Dani Mateo proposes to put the statue of Franco removed in Melilla on sale in Wallapop: “It is practically new”

The collaborator of The intermediate wanted to highlight this Tuesday the news of the removal of a statue of Francisco Franco in Melilla, “the last one still standing in Spain and the only one dedicated to a dictator in all of Western Europe”said Dani Mateo.

Stressed that “After 43 years sunbathing in the middle of the street, today Franco has left Melilla in style”, while showing the images of the removal of the statue with a crane.

Removal of the statue of Franco in Melilla.
Removal of the statue of Franco in Melilla.

Mateo commented that the decision to withdraw it was taken “with the support of all the political parties of Melilla except Vox and the PP, which abstained.” The Popular Party deputy explained that “the statue of Franco does not commemorate a dictator but rather the military who came in 1921 to protect the city.”

“Surely the assembly of Melilla does like all of us who get rid of something we no longer want, put it up for sale on Wallapop”exclaimed the contributor, who described what the ad copy would look like.

“Statue of a young commander of the Legion who fought in Melilla in 1921 for sale. It fits anywhere, measures only a meter and a half. The monument is only 43 years old, but it is practically new. It only has one defect: it is missing an egg, “he concluded.

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