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New year, more rumors about the Switch Pro. Although the idea of ​​a Switch with the possibility of running games in 4K and with a series of more powerful components has been on the minds of several people for several years, it was not until the 2020 that we saw reports and signs that point to the arrival of this improved device. Now, New information from a dataminer reinforces previous rumors.

Recently, SciresM, a renowned dataminer, published a Reset It was a list of features that would arrive in the supposed Switch Pro. the information found in the console firmware points to 4K support. However, I have mentioned that “it is not confirmed yet and could be wrong.”

On the other hand, it is mentioned that the new model would use an OLED screen, although the resolution would be the same as the current console. However, SciresM has mentioned that 4K support would be available thanks to a “Realtek 4K chip” inside a new dock.

The report also suggests that the new console will have a “substantially” improved battery and cooling system. SceriesM also speculates that the games will be improved in a similar way to what happened with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. However, this is just a rumor and at the moment there is no official information about a Switch Pro from Nintendo.

In related topics, analysts suggest that the Switch will outsell the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in 2021. Likewise, this is what Nintendo commented regarding a possible Switch Pro.


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