‘Day by day’ is definitively canceled and will not have a fifth season

After the efforts made by the producers of Sony Pictures Television to find a third channel that would broadcast ‘Day by day, the adventures of the Álvarez family have come to an end and fiction will have no more episodes. On Tuesday, December 8, the co-showrunners, Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, have been in charge of confirming through social networks that the series will not have a fifth season after being canceled up to two times in less than two years.

« It’s officially over. There will be no new episodes of ‘Day by Day’ »Calderon Kellett announced, who despite giving the sad news assured that the 46 episodes they have managed to make must be kept « alive forever. » « I wish we could say otherwise, but sadly, the time of ‘Day to Day’ has come to an end »Royce also announced through his Twitter account. The sitcom was based on a popular fiction from the 1970s that was recovered by Netflix. However, in March 2019 the streaming platform made the decision not to renew it.

Later the channel belonging to ViacomCBS, Pop TV, brought back fiction for a fourth installment. The audience data obtained was not the result expected by the chain, so they decided to cancel the series. Despite the announcement, Sony and ViacomCBS were in talks to renew the sitcom for a fifth season on CBS All Access. The idea was for the platform to broadcast the new episodes in 2021 but due to contractual limitations that were still in force with Netflix, the agreement could not be carried out and finally the series starring Justina Machado has run out of a channel where to continue its story .

A sad farewell

‘Day by day’ is not one of the most watched series but it has gathered a great fandom that has defended it until the end. At the time the sitcom was canceled by Netflix, followers ran a campaign on social media to get him back. However, he has played against him that the fourth season was affected by the coronavirus, which caused it to close with six episodes when they normally had 13 in each installment. Pop TV and Sony commissioned an animated special that aired in June and serves as the final episode of the series, although it has not closed the plots that were opened in fiction.

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