Death of George Floyd: Minneapolis cuts police budget

The text plans to transfer 7.77 million dollars from the envelope of 179 million reserved for the police, or less than 5%, to measures aimed at “preventing violence and developing the well-being of the community. “, according to city councilor Steve Fletcher, quoted by CNN.

The number of police officers should also remain unchanged, as desired by the mayor of the city of Minnesota, Jacob Frye, who had threatened to veto the budget if this was not the case.

The death of George Floyd, suffocated under the knee of a white policeman, had sparked a wave of protests against police violence and racism, and increased calls to “cut funds to the police” (“Defund the police”) .

The Minneapolis City Council, which first announced in June its intention to “dismantle” its police force to “rebuild a new model of public safety,” ultimately failed in this endeavor after an unelected commission refused to do so. include the issue on the menu for the November 3 elections.

Elsewhere, calls for in-depth police reform have been muted in the run-up to the elections, in the face of discouragement from police officers, a resurgence of violence in major cities and the political recuperation of the debate.

Minneapolis recorded at the end of October an upsurge in shootings and homicides, already numbering 65 since the beginning of the year against 49 for all of 2019, which had pushed the police chief to demand more resources and not the opposite.

Even Democrat Joe Biden had distanced himself from calls to “cut police funds”, strongly criticized by President Donald Trump.

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