December closed in the US with a 0.4% rise in consumer prices

15 minutes. The consumer price index in the United States (USA) accelerated 2 tenths in December and stood at 0.4%, bringing year-on-year inflation to 1.4%. This was reported on Wednesday by the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Year-on-year inflation, which was at 2.5% in January 2020, collapsed under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to 0.1% in May. Although since July it has remained above 1%, it is still far from the 2% level that the Federal Reserve (FED) considers healthy for the economy.

Core inflation, which excludes consumer prices for food and fuel, which are the most volatile, was 0.1% in December in the US. It added 1.6% in one year, according to the government report.

The December increase in prices paid by consumers largely reflects an 8.4% increase in gasoline costs, which represented more than 60% of the increase.

The food price index rose 0.4%, both for the costs of meals at home and away from home.


USA, the country most affected in the world by the coronavirus pandemic, registered this Tuesday more than 22.7 million infections and almost 380,000 deaths, when cases continue to increase throughout the country.

The government will require a negative COVID-19 test from all air passengers before flying into the country, including Americans, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced.

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