Demo generates intense debate about help with boxes and other marked objects that can be broken

Resident Evil 4 Remake It is one of the most anticipated video games of the year and its demo is already available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, but instead of bringing happiness among the players and fans of this franchise, it has generated an intense debate.

As he recalls a report published on the website of tarreovideo game developers have been creating some functions for the titles that help the player, such as the marks on boxes, windows and other objects that indicate that they can be broken, for example, to take a weapon that is inside or to have a better chance of shot through the holes in the glass.

In the case of the remake of the award-winning 2005 title, a Twitter user named FPStheticsspecialized in first-person games, shared four images of the demo where we can see a total of four objects such as barrels, boxes, and windows with phosphorescent paint, which means they can be broken.

“This has to end. I feel like this has become more and more common until we see it as it is here. Why would all these things be covered in yellow paint and duct tape? The lighting of the boxes is already a clear indication that they are fragile, why do we have to smear everything with yellow paint?

These tweets generated a heated debate on social networks, since although these indications are useful for many players, especially beginners, some have played more than necessary and know what these objects are about.

A report of 3DGames He believes that the developers wish they could stop adding these guides, but the community itself prevents it since they always ask for this type of help to solve puzzles or know in which direction on the map to go.

Returning to FPSthetics, he later changed his view, acknowledging that these aids “are necessary to help casual gamers and non-gamers alike,” but added that he “just wish they would do it in a way that’s more accommodating to the environment.”

When is Resident Evil 4 Remake released?

Resident Evil 4 Remake, in its full version, will be released on March 24. As fans well remember, the story of the remake, like the original Resident Evil 4, takes place six years after the biological catastrophe in Raccoon City, when agent Leon S. Kennedy is sent to rescue the president’s daughter, a who have been kidnapped

This new game, which will be updated with new graphics, enemies and other news, will be available for PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Windows computers. It is still unknown if and when it will arrive on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.