“Democracy, Justice and Finance are working”

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has been the first member of the Executive to pronounce on the announcement of King Juan Carlos of the payment of a debt with the Treasury of 678,393.72 eurosand he has done it bluntly: “He will know what to do.” The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has spoken this Wednesday in an interview in Telecinco and has asked to respect the rights of the king emeritus as a taxpayer. “Democracy is working,” he declared.

The emeritus king Juan Carlos I in a file image.

The president has assured that the monarchy is not in danger in Spain and he stressed that the institutions are working “without any interference.” “It is the biggest and best guarantee,” he stressed.

“The important thing is the institution, the monarchy, which at this moment is perfectly represented by Felipe VI”, has settled for his part the head of Defense, before reiterating the message that the king emeritus “will know what he has to do.” For her part, Carmen Calvo, the first vice president and minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, has been more concise and pointed out that the letter is public and is available to all and therefore “there is nothing to add “.

Juan Carlos de Borbón has filed a tax return “without prior requirement”, of which a debt, already paid, has resulted in the amount of 678,393.72 euros, including interest and surcharges. This has been reported in a statement sent to EFE by the lawyer for the King Emeritus, Javier Sánchez-Junco, who adds that in any case Don Juan Carlos continues, “as he has always been”, at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor “for any procedure or action. that it deems appropriate “.

We can talk about “buying impunity”

His government partner, however, has gone further and rejects the regularization. The president of the United Podemos parliamentary group and member of the Podemos Executive, Jaume Asens, rejected this Thursday the fiscal regularization undertaken by the King Emeritus, considering it a way to “buy impunity”, and demanded that he “respond criminally” to his actions.

He did so in a Twitter message published shortly after it became known that Juan Carlos de Borbón has paid the Treasury 678,394 euros. “The Emeritus King tries to buy impunity for himself and the entire royal plot with the money of the citizens. We cannot allow Juan Carlos to laugh at equality before Justice. He must respond criminally for his actions and compensate the public for all that was defrauded, “he wrote in a tweet.

For his part, the spokesman for the parliamentary group, Pablo Echenique, has said that this amount is equivalent to 51 years of minimum interprofessional salary and that his situation before the Treasury is “one of the pufos you have”. “For the 65 million Corinna has not paid anything, for example. And what she will have and we don’t know … What an international shame“, has added the deputy of the purple formation.

The PP respects the “particular decision of the king”

The PP expressed this Wednesday its respect for the decision made by the King Emeritus, which is part of your “particular scope“, and claimed his legacy as” architect of the transition “to democracy.

“The Popular Party respects the decision made in the private sphere by King Juan Carlos,” said PP sources consulted by Servimedia. In addition, they point out that from the PP, “as they have always done, they vindicate their legacy as architect of the transition and An essential piece in the recovery of the freedoms of democracy “.

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